Company Value


You don’t need to even move an inch:

When we started out, we had wanted to do something that is not only a viable option for us but also something that would fill in the lacuna in the society. We have been thinking and also actualizing a lot of projects that has community benefit at its core. The financial aspect of this enterprise brings out in open the fact that we are a company that is committed in helping the younger generation and also helping them realize their goals and aspirations.

We have been pioneers in this field:

Twenty years ago, we had started with a protocol that allowed youngsters to borrow small amount of money in order to fulfill their educational needs. There have been students who are extremely good at academics bit along the way become unlucky or for reasons of financial mismanagement come under extreme stress and are no longer able to sustain their own education. It was for this segment that we started our work with.

The repayment was scheduled with their first employment. However, the enterprise came to the end of the tunnel because of severe financial crunch and default from the borrowers.

We were not discouraged still:

We wanted to do away with the red tapism and the lengthy procedure that is involved in procuring and sanctioning of the loans thus came to be attached to payday loans for the simplicity and the efficiency that the loan promises.

The use of technology:


The use of technology and the mode of online payment ensure that technology is used for the benefit of doing work fast and without following time consuming and cumbersome procedures. Today’s generation which is born in the era of the computers deserves to get things done quickly and without any hassles. Here we are to help them with small loans at the click of their mouse, even without them moving an inch from their work desk!